Learn more about the benefits that Card Dynamics has for all the parties involved
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Cardholder benefits
  • Got a new card? Keep shopping and ordering services as if nothing happened!

  • Probably you do not remember at how many merchants you had your previous card registered. Not to mention user account and password associated!

  • Forget about entering site by site or app by app to update your payment information.

  • No apps to be downloaded, do it from your bank's mobile app in the most automatic and friendlier way.

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Issuer benefits
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  • Help consumers manage all card events. As issuers, banks know details of old and new cards and at which merchants the old card was used if it is an operational replacement.

  • Use a scheme independent service that  operates with any current or future payment scheme: current accounts, P2P services or any new payment tools.

  • Be proactive in proposing the replacement of the card to your customers before they experience the frustration of failed access or denied transactions at their favorite sites. 

  • Just implement a simple API and use our free SDK to create the user experience.

Merchant benefits
  • Don’t lose sales!  Subscribe to Card-Dynamics, you will get card updates as soon as the issuer sends the new card, whether operationally replaced or through other commercial events.

  • Only pay for successful updates.

  • Have your PSP implementing a simple API to accept replacements, PSP just in listening mode waiting for consumer mandates.

  • Preserve the right to have full audit trail of cardholder mandates registered at the secure environment of the issuer bank, customer is king!

PSP benefits
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  • Implement a simple API that is good for all the merchants for which you do card-vault function.

  • Add an extra value for all your merchants, no matter in which market.

  • Get a revenue for every card replaced.