Learn more about the benefits that Card Dynamics has for all the parties involved
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Cardholder benefits
  • Tired of creating accounts for everything? Tired of filling always the same registration forms? Tired of making up different passwords to fulfil format requirements?

  • Imagine if from a secure environment you could fully enrol at different accounts with just validating your existing data.

  • A single place where sign up flows are as simple as a tick box to confirm your profile and a carrousel to select your payment method!

  • Forget about getting your card out from your wallet to copy your PAN!

  • Get advantage of specific sign up promotions (i.e 1st rides free).

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Issuer benefits
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  • Some banks lost sight of the e-commerce boom. Be there for your customers in today's way of consumption: the subscription economy.

  • Help your cardholders register at new sites and subscribing to new services.

  • Provide them with delightful digital experiences maximising your positioning.

  • Ensure they register with your payment methods! Multiply transaction volume capturing all recurring payments from day 1.

  • Just implement a simple API and use our free SDK to create the user experience.

Merchant benefits
  • Running out of ways to optimise your Customer Acquisition Cost Finding it hard to access customer data bases? Fighting cheap data when accessed?

  • Card Dynamics is connected to the widest and most qualified customer base: the bank's.

  • Each customer has gone through rough onboarding processes (KYC controls, AML studies, etc) Therefore, data quality is unbeatable.

  • Additionally, newly created accounts are FULL in the sense that they include all required data in your proprietary forms plus the payment method. 

PSP benefits
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  • Implement a simple API that is good for all the merchants for which you do card-vault function.

  • Add an extra value for all your merchants, no matter in which market.