Despite being today's way of consuming, there are many frictions around digital payments...
Despite being today's way of consuming, there are many frictions around digital payments...

First time registration processes are either friendly and poor or non-friendly but qualified

Customers are tired of “completing forms”

Merchants choose between low conversion vs dirty data

Issuers are not even part of the scene

Once on file, payment details easily become obsolete due to multiple reasons. When so...

Customers face terrible UX processes

Merchants get denied transactions & inactive customers

Issuers lose transaction


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Full Enrolment

Customers are tired of sign up flows (different forms, field requirements...) and merchants struggle with non qualified user and payment data (incomplete, fake...).

CD allows card-holders to register at a number of merchants from their bank’s app taking advantage of the data the bank holds on them.

Any bank affiliated to the platform is connected to any merchant onboard and vice-versa. CD handles the “ugly” part homogenising development, integration and legal/compliance procedures.


Every year more than 60% of a merchant card-on-file portfolio is outdated due to a series of operational and commercial events causing a terrible UX on consumers and economical impact on the merchants.

CD learns from issuer transactional data at which merchants the cardholder will likely need to update his payment details when activating a new card.

From his banking app, the cardholder will mandate the issuer to act on his behalf selecting at which he wants his payment info updated.


The spirit of this team is to discover additional solutions within an issuer-merchant connected world and bring them to life

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